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A random halo animation A random halo animation

Rated 2 / 5 stars


The animation was fairly smooth, the drawings were OK but a flash this small and pointless doesn't really belong on newgrounds, keep it in the collabs.

I Love A Rainy Night I Love A Rainy Night

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A music video.

This was fairly basic as it looked like something that should be done in windows movie maker. The graphics were below average and there was no animation. The music was the best part of it. There are some really good tutorials on newgrounds that would help you with lip sync. Just keep on practicing. Try to keep away from stick figures. :p

TedRube responds:

ok i will try :D thanks for the encouragement.

Crazy Laws: Missouri Crazy Laws: Missouri

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


I don't understand how this gets such a high score, even though it is just words. Next time, put some interactivity and more pictures in. I don't believe they are real anyway. In every one of these crazy laws, you have the same music, try to varie your music.

With My Mind's Madness With My Mind's Madness

Rated 5 / 5 stars


If you weren't staff, you would have one top prize for sure. That was really good. I liked the rough look. Smooth animation and a great ending.

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Madness Manufactory Madness Manufactory

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was so awesome! And very action-packed! Good job! :P Definitely deserves daily 1st ;P

The Dot of Excellence 7 The Dot of Excellence 7

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Well, your getting better. Just keep trying and don't give up! :P

-Play- -Play-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good job!

You done such a great job on this! The animation was great and the graphics and music were also good! Can't wait for more!

sprite test sprite test

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good for a test.

The sprite animation was very smooth! The whole thing was ok for a demo. Most sprite demos are just a tween and then a jump... You had a bit of everything :P Next time, when you make a sprite movie, credit the author of the sprites, as they may consider that stealing :|

theGoronclub responds:

thanks for the support and i'll keep the crediting thing in mind thanks :D

FrameByFrame FrameByFrame

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Well deserving of 2nd place!

The animation was very smooth! You done multiple things at once when you were animating which is challenging. The music worked very well with the them. The graphics were nice aswell! A cool little fact you should put into the description, is whether you used onion-skinning when you were making this lol.

bark0d3 responds:

i have now...

My very First Flash My very First Flash

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Dude, you have some mad animating skills! The animation was very smooth! The graphics were great even though they were stick figures there were pretty nice!
I can't wait to see more from you and maybe even better next time!

Ichi-Kats26 responds:

dang thx alot man!^^