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The animation was fairly smooth, the drawings were OK but a flash this small and pointless doesn't really belong on newgrounds, keep it in the collabs.

A music video.

This was fairly basic as it looked like something that should be done in windows movie maker. The graphics were below average and there was no animation. The music was the best part of it. There are some really good tutorials on newgrounds that would help you with lip sync. Just keep on practicing. Try to keep away from stick figures. :p

TedRube responds:

ok i will try :D thanks for the encouragement.


I don't understand how this gets such a high score, even though it is just words. Next time, put some interactivity and more pictures in. I don't believe they are real anyway. In every one of these crazy laws, you have the same music, try to varie your music.

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A very good game, nice graphics and animation, good concept and theme. BUT, you should have put more QB's in.

Happy Madness Day 08!

Well, this is very good. This has great graphics, great music, smooth animation and an awesome them: MADNESS! Everything about this is god, as it is a very fun game. a little too easy though ;P

Very good...

But you could have added in some different poses, backgrounds etc. The print function is pretty neat. maybe add a colour darkness bar in which you can choose the lightness of your colour.

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Well done

The piano was excellent! This would be very good, as others have stated, in a horror movie or game, The beat was good and the synth I heard in there fitted very well in the song and im gald you put it in there. Although the intro was kind of repetetive, the song was catchy and I would like to see it in a popular haloween flash :P

>Review Request Club<

DjCompass responds:

I look forward to it more than you do ^^
Thanks for the review.


This was a very good song with a very catchy beat. I don't necessarily see this fitting well with a madness movie, The intro was fairly soft and a little while in it picked up and got a little heavier. The outro was also very nice. Some of the sounds and effects were very nice and were placed very well in the song. I would like to see more from you as you are improving :P

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WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. I haven't done much on a more madness-ey "Somewhere in Nevada", I've only really got a few days to do so, as I'm going away, and only get back a couple of days before the comp ends.
Thanks for the compliments.

Loved it...

This was very good, the lyrics were perfect and the singing was very well done, the guitar in the background was very good and the drums added more beat. The intro was nice, I liked the build up. Same with the outro, the squeeky noise was a very nice way to finish off a brilliant song :P I can't wait to see more from you.

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BreakingFaces responds:

thanks dude

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